But really, earlier people don’t possess a good patent toward ??. It can also be used by lovers when you look at the a great flirty and you may cutesy ways.

Regards to Endearment for ladies

If you are men searching for nicknames to call their sweet and you will very Therefore, below are a few Korean terms of endearment you may use:

???? (“yeo-ja-chin-gu”) – Spouse

It is not really a nickname, but just in case you planned to be aware of the Korean phrase for “wife,” right here it’s.

To possess a female who has really and truly just a friend, you might use ?? ?? ?? (“yeo-ja-sa-ram-chin-gu”), that’s practically interpreted given that “ladies people friend.”

??? (“gong-ju-nim”) – Little princess

She is as well special, so that you name the lady once royalty. You might do everything on her, along with pawn their grandmother’s dentures only to give her what you she deserves.

??? (“ki-yo-mi”) – Cutie

This woman is very awkward, unsuspecting and you will innocent. And it is all of the so cute! She’s such as for example a tiny woman, unaltered because of the insights of lifestyle. ??? would-be a fitted appellation. (There clearly was also a Kiyomi Tune a couple of years right back.)

You could potentially too use and enjoy which while you are both young and you can unmarried. Because when the youngsters manage come, brands drastically changes.

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